Request Data & Specimens

Request Data & Specimens


Investigators are able to request both INHALD data and specimens. The INHALD data is provided in one of two formats:

1) By requesting the full, raw public dataset from an individual INHALD site or multiple INHALD sites; or
2) By requesting the public harmonized dataset. The public harmonized dataset includes summarized variables found across many INHALD sites that are important for most analyses (e.g., date of birth, HIV viral load, smoking status, race/ethnicity, etc.).

Access to the INHALD data may be obtained by filling out the INHALD Public Use Dataset Request Form.

INHALD Specimens

Specimens collected as part of the INHALD study are also available to investigators. Each INHALD site maintains an inventory of specimens available for request. All requests for specimens are at the discretion of the INHALD site Principal Investigator. The types of specimens and specimen volumes differ by site. Access to INHALD specimens may be obtained by filling out the INHALD Specimen Request Form.

If you have specific questions about the INHALD data or specimens, please email

To learn more about the types of data and specimens each INHALD site has available, view their individual website under the INHALD Sites menu above.